Our Machines

Our machine has been carefully chosen by us to provide the very best of the latest technology in floor restoring. Because of our long experience in the business, we were able to make a well-informed choice and we are delighted that our investment is paying dividends in the form of satisfied customers.

Our many years spent restoring floors in Cheshire, Warrington, Merseyside and Lancashire in a wide range of settings including commercial, residential, hotels, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, schools, colleges, on sports floors, in leisure complexes, offices, shops, retail outlets and libraries have provided us with the know-how to recognise a good product when we see it. We wanted a machine that combined speed and efficiency with safety and we have not been disappointed.

We know what's important to our customers. Our hi-tech machine is everything we would have wished. An edger machine, it works without scuffing or damaging paintwork and, importantly, it is 100% dust free guaranteed! Restoring flooring has never been so satisfying. We think we're onto a winner. If you have a wooden or parquet floor in need of restoring, let us show you how it can perform in your property. We can restore any floor from a nightclub to a library; or from a restaurant to a college and anything in between, especially in Cheshire, Warrington, Merseyside and Lancashire!

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