Types of Underlay for Your Floors

Laminate floorboards are a great and simple option for your new flooring because they are easily accessible and can be fitted yourself – only after you have read this article of course.

Laminate can also be hard-wearing because it has a strong surface. That makes it very scratch resistant and in turn an extremely popular choice.

These are some general guidelines for fitting a laminate floor. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and, if in any doubt, use a professional installer.

Different flooring requires different underlays.

The best option is to remove all floor coverings that are currently in the room where you want to lay your laminate. Also, note that you can’t lay it on carpet or on top of the vinyl.

Choosing your underlay is also an important option because the Underlay needed will depend on the type of room and your preferences in terms of warmth, sound reduction and therefore your budget too.