Why Use Us?

We have built our reputation for quality workmanship restoring parquet flooring in Warrington and throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside over a very long time. Our 28 years in the business speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on the use of the best quality products, including best quality varnish, together with state of the art machinery. In fact, we have scoured the globe to find what we consider to be the best equipment, investing in a machine from the USA to guarantee the kind of results we believe our customers deserve.

Restoring parquet floors requires the kind of specialist skill we can bring. Whether the parquet flooring is in a pub, hotel, restaurant or nightclub we will ensure reliable, conscientious service and guarantee that our work will be 100% dust-free, as we understand the importance of this in a commercial setting. Restoring parquet flooring in schools, libraries, colleges, leisure complexes and sports floors calls for trustworthy, quality workmanship, which we can also guarantee.

Homeowners can be assured that our work in residential settings is guaranteed to delight. There will be no nasty surprises. Forget the clouds of dust you imagine will be caused by sanding and renovating your parquet floor. Our work is 100% dust-free guaranteed. You can rest in the knowledge that restoring your parquet flooring can be the icing on the cake of your house renovation. We will ensure that your carefully chosen furniture and newly painted windowsills remain pristine.

At a time when traditional craftsmanship and skills developed over a lifetime of experience is becoming rarity we offer a quality service in offices, shops, residential, retail and commercial properties in Warrington and throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside.

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