Hard Floors

Hard floors are always a popular option, not only because they are easy to look after and clean, but because of the myriad styles available!  From shiny and bright tiles to dark and atmospheric wooden floors, there are hard options to suit virtually any room in any home.

The primary thing to know about hard floors is that they are so easy to clean.  Just a quick sweep around or hoover each day will help to control dust and particles, and a light mop with a gentle detergent is usually enough to keep these floors sparkling.  If you decide to go for real wood floors, it is certainly worth protecting them with a sealant that keeps scratches and dirt at bay.

The styles of hard floor are almost endless, and there are plenty of ways to use hard floors in your home.  Bathrooms and kitchens suit tiles, which are waterproof and easy to clean.  Living areas, dining rooms and even bedrooms look fab with a smart wooden floor.

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